Riski Lavango, the game that raises awareness of the dangers of avalanches

portada juego riski lavango concienciación aludes
board game riski lavango

With the support of:

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SAGE ENTERTAINMENT SL, an emerging company, has for quite some time now been preparing preparing an innovative board game to raise awareness on the dangers of avalanches we all face whilst participating in sports and recreational activities in the snow, as well as in the prevention of accidents.  Origin of the project: how it all started.

The game is specifically based on a theoretical framework to maximize the messages and lessons included and has been thoughtfully designed (how the prototype was designed: theory and practice) and meticulously tested (experimental design). This is where the team behind the game comes in. Here are some of the results of the prototype:

The meticulous testing has served, among other things, to implement a number of improvements to the prototype. By  going through this process we now have a game which has been developed and optimized.

We have some further interesting ideas for the future up our sleeves that will further enhance Riski Lavango.

This game is configurable to allow for instructional links to other educational websites to be added.

The game incorporates specific positions where it will be of great interest to potential sponsors to be visible and the posibility to added logos, messages, etc. is currently available. If you are interesting in discussing sponsorship, please click here.

Game content and images.

We hope you will spread this message to your community. Lives in your area and around the world could be saved.

We are keen to get everyone involved, both playing the game and benefiting from the message we are trying to share, for you, wherever you may be, whatever language you speak and whatever you are doing whilst enjoying time in the snow.

If you think it’s an interesting project and want to get involved, feel free to add your grain of sand/snowflake… Come and join us ! Together we are stronger.

Please fill in the surveySage Entertainment SL


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